Marion County Lamb and Wool Show

COLORING CONTEST - Bring your completed creation to be displayed the day of the show in the barn.

Children can choose a treat from one of two baskets at the show ring table,  

Older youth or adults can enter for a chance to win one of two $5.00 vouchers for our silent auction. 


Sunshine lamb.pdf Sunshine lamb.pdf
Size : 332.933 Kb
Type : pdf
singe ewe 2.pdf singe ewe 2.pdf
Size : 518.452 Kb
Type : pdf
Happy Lamb.pdf Happy Lamb.pdf
Size : 342.686 Kb
Type : pdf
Flower Lamb.pdf Flower Lamb.pdf
Size : 373.295 Kb
Type : pdf
ewe and barn 1.pdf ewe and barn 1.pdf
Size : 511.519 Kb
Type : pdf
Dreamy Lamb.pdf Dreamy Lamb.pdf
Size : 357.66 Kb
Type : pdf
Curly Lamb.pdf Curly Lamb.pdf
Size : 539.137 Kb
Type : pdf
class of lambs.pdf class of lambs.pdf
Size : 355.758 Kb
Type : pdf
Butterfly Lamb.pdf Butterfly Lamb.pdf
Size : 359.546 Kb
Type : pdf

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